About Incoteco
Incoteco (Denmark) ApS is an international energy consulting and broking company, specialized in the development and financing of large energy projects.

The mission of Incoteco has always been to conceptualize, develop and bring to market ideas that others will come to later. This simple philosophy has worked well. Today, Incoteco is playing a key role in the development of some of Europe’s largest energy infrastructure projects, for and with some of the most important and innovative companies in their fields.

The associates are an ecletic group of distiguished and experienced engineers and economists. They all run their own successful businesses in the general areas of energy and the environment. They come together to form appropriately qualified and balanced teams for each of the challenges thrown up by market forces. This gives Incoteco the ability to deliver an extraordinarily wide range of energy solutions, quickly and economically.

Incoteco is resident in the beautiful village of Hals, in Northern Denmark, from which it is in contact with and open to friends and clients throughout the whole World.

As well as Denmark, Incoteco has worked for and with clients and partners in USA, Canada, Venezuela, UK, Israel, Phillipines, France, Japan, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Yemen.

The use of energy always has costs. There are capital costs for equipment, fuel costs for its use, operating and maintenance costs - then the costs to the environment for using it. Recently, the costs relating to the environment have been mounting rapidly.

Incoteco (Denmark) ApS has twenty years of experience in helping clients and development partners to look at energy developments and energy use in holistic ways that maximize financial benefit while minimizing costs.

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