VRB Power Corp http://www.vrbpower.com
Developer of flow battery technology

Renewable Energy Foundation www.ref.org.uk
Energy think tank

Elin's holiday homes on the beach http://www.elinsstrandferie.com
This link has little to do with energy and the environment and nothing to do with mega infrastructures. If you like sand dunes, forest and wild life, you might enjoy staying at one of Elin's comfortable and spacious summer houses on the beach at Lyngsaa. Special, out of season rates apply

Hexatec http://www.hexatec.com
Richard founded Hexatec and is its principal shareholder. Hexatec and Incoteco collaborated in an exciting, problem solving role at the power station in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, identifying solutions which improved reliability and increased safe operation and fuel efficiency.

Fells Associates http://www.fellsassociates.com
The informal consulting company of the family of Professor Ian Fells

Ieagreen http://www.ieagreen.org.uk
newsletter 62, September, 2002

A CO2 Infrastructure for the North Sea http://ior.rml.co.uk/issue4/co2/inco2/summary.htm
A description of the CO2 for EOR in the North Sea (CENS) Project. Lots of other interesting and authoritative articles about improved oil recovery.

CO2 Norway http://www.co2.no
CO2 Norway A/S is owned by Carl Hustad, an Associate of Incoteco and a shareholder of IN-CO2 ApS

NETFALKEN - High Quality Webproduction http://www.netfalken.dk
Want a new up-to-date with the latest technology to a low price? Contact us, and get a good deal on your new website!