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PRINCIPAL – Hugh Sharman

Hugh Sharman was educated at Howardian High School, Cardiff and Imperial College, London, where he graduated in Civil Engineering, in 1962. His early professional experience was gained in offshore oil platform design and construction. This included a stint, with the French American company, DeLong Hersent SA, in the Persian Gulf. Here, he became aware of the finite nature of fossil energy resources. The perception that our non-renewable, low cost energy resources are limited has driven most of his professional development.

He also spent four years with Gammon (Gulf), based in Bahrain, building on and offshore throughout the Persian Gulf.

He returned from the Gulf to work in the UK with Sir William Halcrow & Partners where, among other tasks, he spent a month “almost living” on the bed of the English Channel, in preparation for the construction of the revolutionary Royal Sovereign Lighthouse. He was invited to return to work with the French offshore engineer and contractor, GEM Hersent SA. With time, he became responsible for designing and marketing many offshore solutions to intractable and expensive engineering problems.

During the mid-1970s he became involved, disastrously, with renewable energy exploitation in the UK and has followed this sector with interest, ever since.

From 1977 to 1986, he worked as the Area Representative in the Caribbean for the power engineering arm of Swedish Shipyards and its Danish successor, BWSC. He was responsible for identifying and selling power stations in Bermuda, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Venezuela.

He has lived and worked in Denmark since 1986, when he founded Incoteco (Denmark) ApS.

The mission of Incoteco has always been to conceptualize, develop and bring to the market ideas that the rest of the market will come to later. This simple philosophy has worked well. Today, Incoteco is playing a key role in the development of some of Europe’s largest energy infrastructure projects, for and with some of the most important and innovative energy companies in their fields.

He has been responsible for the sale, development (often with his associates) and completion of all the projects listed in the References.

Associate J. Michael Austell

Mike was educated at Georgia Tech, receiving BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering (1973) and an MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering (1978).

He is currently managing the UK end of the development of the CO2 for EOR in the North Sea (CENS) project.

Mike has over 30 years experience in projects related to energy and the environment and has worked in an engineering, commercial and managerial capacity. In his early career, he worked with Rock Tenn Corp in Atlanta and with CRS Sirrine in South Carolina and Houston.

Since he came to Europe, in 1987, with CRS Sirrine, Mike has been involved with all aspects of large scale power developments and since has held senior management posts with a Mowlem-Sirrine joint venture, Edison Mission Energy and Enron.

He has developed over $ 2.2 billion worth of green field energy projects and acquisitions of existing generation projects.

These have included a CFB burning waste coal in Pennsylvania and another burning coal in North Carolina, two acquisitions comprising 22 mini-hydro facilities in Spain, a 214 MWe, industrial CHP in Northern England, and a 180 MWe CHP for district heating in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 512 MWe IGCC at the ISAB Refinery in Sicily is still the largest and most successful IGCC in Europe. Mike was commercial director responsible for negotiating all commercial agreements associated with the numerous exchanges of services, feed stocks and products between the ISAB Refinery, the oxygen plant and the project.

Mike specializes now in energy, environment and infrastructure development projects where he blends his technical, commercial and managerial skills to advance a project to the close of project financing and on to commercial operation.

Associate - Marius Kleiven

Marius Kleiven brings several years of experience in the identification and pursuit of opportunities in the Waste to Energy and industrial sectors, both in Scandinavia and elsewhere.

He was until recently Market Manager for Organic Power, a Norwegian renewable energy company that was active in the European and Asian Waste to Energy sectors through its proprietary gasification technology. Marius’ responsibilities included business development and marketing activities, as well as the identification of suitable EPC contractors and license partners in European and overseas markets, in the course of which he negotiated and managed a licence agreement with the Korean technology company, Kentec.

He earlier served as Controller and Financial Manager of Organic Power, during which time he arranged for international financing and guarantee facilities in connection with the company’s activities, as well as being responsible for all banking relationships, treasury functions, statutory reporting, management accounting and human resources.

Before joining Organic Power in 1998, he worked as a Market Analyst for a Norwegian paper company, and previously carried out similar roles for other private sector organisations.

Marius is a Norwegian national with Degree in Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management. He is based in Oslo and is fluent in all Scandinavian languages as well as in English.

Associate - Carl W. Hustad

Carl was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Southampton, UK, University of Bath, B.Sc. in Aeronautical engineering (1980) and Ph.D. (1986)

He is currently managing the Norwegian end of the development of the CO2 for EOR in the North Sea (CENS) project.

In his early career, he worked with Kongsberg Vĺpenfabrikk AS, Norway, and as a Research Associate at Cambridge University Engineering Department, Cambridge, England,

He then moved to Switzerland where he worked as a Scientific Visitor at the Swiss ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre. Carl then became a Research Scientist at the Institute of Hydraulics and Fluids (IMHEF) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He became Senior Research Scientist at the Turbomachinery Laboratory (LTT), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) where his work was funded by ABB, Baden.

Since returning to Norway in 1997, Carl has worked with Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS, was Technology Manager at Naturkraft AS, Oslo, Technology Co-ordinator at Norsk Hydro Energi AS, where he was responsible for co-ordinating activities within the areas of hydro-electric, thermal power, and new renewable energy production.

In February, 2000 he founded CO2-Norway AS, Kongsberg. The company is currently collaborating with the major oil companies as well as both national and international R&D institutes to promote practical solutions regarding greenhouse gas climate-change issues.

Associate - Ivor H. D. O’Donnell

Ivor O’Donnell is the owner of a small consultancy, Pentechan, providing an engineering analyst service in the power and energy technology field.

Educated in the UK at Paisley Grammar School and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where he graduated with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.

With over 40 years experience working initially for OEMs in the design of marine and power generation plant and ultimately as an Senior Engineering Manager in one of the UK’s major power companies where he was responsible for Power Plant Engineering and Thermal Asset Development. After 30 years with Scottish and Southern Energy, part of which time he spent as a BEI consultant in the West Indies, he retired in 2000 and set up Pentechan.

He has a wide knowledge of thermo/fluid and mechanical engineering design issues, investigation and resolution of plant operational problems and generation economics associated with gas, steam, water and wind turbines, diesels, boilers, heat exchangers, generators and associated systems.

He has published numerous engineering papers and represented the power industries on two British Standard committees.

Associate – Derek Lumb

Derek has over 20 years experience in the power industry. The first half of his career was spent in System Planning, initially for the CEGB and latterly for NGC where he held two senior system development roles. Firstly as System Development Manager – Long Term he was responsible for the first “Seven Year Statement” and for the development of security standards and their application in a privatised environment. Latterly he was the System Development Manager responsible for all developments in the northern half of England and Wales. During his time in System Development he was responsible for over $300million of transmission developments.

He left Transmission Planning in 1993 to become Engineering Manager for the NGC pumped storage business consisting of the 1800MW Dinorwig and 360MW Festiniog Pumped Hydro Powers Stations in North Wales. On their sale in 1995 he became firstly Engineering Director and then Commercial Director in 1998. On the acquisition of the two 2000MW coal stations at Fiddlers Ferry and Ferrybridge in 1999, he became Regional Vice president - UK asset management for Edison Mission Energy.

Derek is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and holds the degrees of BSc. MSc and PhD from UMIST (Manchester University) and an MBA from the University of Westminster. He is a Visiting Professor at UMIST, a member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Peer Review Panel and an executive member of the IEE’s professional network for Power Trading and Control.

Associate: Richard Haycock

Dr Richard Haycock offers a unique mix of expertise and is able to provide an objective analysis of existing or future production IT requirements, especially where it is necessary to integrate with existing systems. A number of companies have then implemented his recommendations to improve performance of their control and information systems, to the ultimate benefit of their overall business.

After several years working in scientific research, he founded Hexatec Systems Ltd. to develop specialised data acquisition equipment. This lead onto designing intrinsically safe control systems for coal mines, developing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software products and industrial control system integration. After 20 years Hexatec Systems Ltd. continues to provide these products and services.

During the last five years Richard has increasingly applied his analytical skills and experience with industrial control and IT systems as an independent consultant. Recent projects include:
· A detailed analysis of intermittent control sequence failures at a power plant in Shetland, where through a series of detailed studies he was able to identify a series of small easily rectified faults. This ended five years of difficulty and avoided the expense of replacing the existing control system.
· The design of a site-wide industrial IT network to integrate a new build 90MW CCGT plant and related turn-key control packages (DCS) with existing control and information systems.
· The design and management of a new integrated computerised control centre for the Manx Electricity Authority. The design included a full analysis of operator requirements, ergonomically correct workstation layout, a central video wall, and deriving common standards for control screens. The design also included a viewing gallery and facilities for crisis management. In addition to the operational requirements, the design required a new IT infrastructure to accommodate over 30 computer systems and servers away from the main operations areas.
· The design of an integrated electricity trading system. This allowed traders and plant operators, at separate sites, to share common real-time information on plant operation and electricity trades. A centralised information database (MS-SQL) collects real-time meter readings and commercial data from a variety of sources to provide an integrated history of trading performance for billing reconciliation and cost analysis.

In these cost conscious times there is an increasing need to better integrate plant control systems and commercial control systems. However, because of different technologies and support-teams with differing expertise and expectations; this requires great care and planning.

Richard’s scientific background combined with over 20 years experience with industrial IT systems is proving increasingly invaluable to a wide range of ‘Blue Chip’ companies.

Associate: Prof Ian Fells CBE FRSE FREng

Ian Fells was educated at Trinity College Cambridge where he gained a PhD in reaction kinetics. He also spent time in the army on national service. After lecturing at Sheffield University he was appointed Reader in Fuel Science at The University of Durham in 1962. He has been Professor of Energy Conversion at The University of Newcastle since 1975 and has published some 200 papers on topics as varied as the chemical physics of combustion, fuel cells, rocket combustion, energy economics, environmental protection, energy conversion systems, and energy policy. He was elected fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering in 1979, was president of The Institute of Energy for 1978/79 and was elected fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1996. He was awarded a CBE in June 2000. He has made over 400 television and radio programmes and is dedicated to improving the public understanding of science via the media. He also believes this to be a responsibility of all scientists and engineers. Ian Fells is also a science advisor to The World Energy Council, has been special adviser to The House of Lords Select Committee on The European Community dealing with energy and the environment and the House of Commons select committee for Trade & Industry & Environment. He also serves on several cabinet and research council committees. He is Energy Adviser to the EC and European Parliament and has advised a number of foreign governments on energy policy. In 1993 he was awarded the Michael Faraday medal and prize by the Royal Society. His recreations are listed in Who's Who as sailing, cross country skiing and energy conversation