Date & Geographic Sector Clients


2006 - 2008, Ireland
Name with held Identification and development of a large CO2-neutral thermal plant based on coal and petcoke
2006 - 2007
Names withheld Generation in the UK, identification of market opportunities for a major European power company
2005 - 2006 Persian Gulf
Ministry of Energy & Industry, Qatar Specialized Assistance in formation of CO2 Policy
2005 - 2006, UK
Hollensen Energy, Denmark Investigation of the market for biomass boilers and power plants in the UK
2005 - present United Kingdom
Renewable Energy Foundation Research and Assistance with Policy Formation & energy-related documents
2004, Denmark
Danish Energy Agency & Norsk Hydro Electrolysers Study, the Use of Electrolysis in the provision of balancing power in the Danish Grid
2004 - present, Europe
VRB Power Corp, Canada Identification of Applications for distributed electricity storage
2003 Europe
Major European energy company (name witheld) Conceptualization and development of the World's first hydrogen infrastructure
1995-Present Europe
Airborne Pollution Control Calgary, Canada Development of European market for a novel gas cleaning technology for large power stations
2003 Europe
ELSAM, Denmark Preliminary market studies for new power projects
2001-2002 Europe
ELSAM (Denmark) & the Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, Houston The conceptualization and early development of a CO2 infrastructure for enhanced oil recovery in the North Sea The CO2 for EOR in the North Sea (CENS) project
2001 Europe
Friendly Power, London Strategic and technical assistance in a large renewable energy infrastructure project
1999-2000 Europe & Caribbean
Ogden Energy, USA Strategic and technical assistance, power project development
1997 World
ABB Environmental Knoxville & Zurich Technological, marketing & strategic advice for a new business area
1996-1999 Europe
Mitsui Shipbuilding and Engineering Corporation Strategic Planning, Market assistance for new venture
1995 Denmark
Gaia Technologies A/S, Copenhagen New Business venture
1995 Scandinavia USA
Hasle Isomax A/S, Copenhagen Flue Gas Cleaning Technology Technical & Strategic advice
1995 Bulgaria
EBRD, London Power station clean-up investment review
1995 World
Rolls Royce Power Engineering, Europe Strategic Assistance & Market Advice
1994-1995 Scandinavia
Bitor Europe Ltd, London Strategic & Market Advice Fuel sales, technical assistance
1993-1994 Philippines
Luzon Power Associates(CMS Power, USA) Manila Environmental Assistance for proposed, large diesel power station
1992-2001 Europe
Scottish Hydro-Electric(Scottish & Southern Power) Strategic & Environmental Assistance, power generation
1992 Baltic Countries
DNV Technica/European Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) Environmental Consultant on Programme for Emergency Energy Assistance Programme
1992-Present Europe
Ormat Turbine Co, Israel Utilisation of Industrial Waste Heat Resources
1991-1998 Europe
Mission Energy LTD, UK Economic, technology & Strategic Advice. Project Implementation
1990-1992 Europe
NaTec Resources, USA Flue Gas Cleaning(Dry sorbent)
1990-2000 Europe
Ian Pope Associats, UK Technology Strategy Studies & Economic Analysis
1990 World
ABB Generation, Sweden Technology Strategy Studies
1990 Europe
BP Bitor, UK Environmental Impact Statement for new fuel, Orimulsion.
1990-1991 UK
Elsamprojekt, Denmark Power station engineering.
1986-1989 Europe
TRW Inc Combustion Business Unit, Los Angeles Advanced Coal Combustor, introduction to utilities, industrials and European Governments.