» The conversion of the Faroe Island of Nólsoy from oil-based to wind-based heating
Added 2011-12-02

» Prudent Energy's presentation at IRES Berlin 2011
Added 2011-12-02

» Presentation at Eurosolar, Bonn, November 2007
Technology and Experience Update
Added 2008-01-16

» Lead acid vs VRB Flow battery
Comparing lead acid against VRB
Added 2007-09-26

» The Practical Upper Limit for wind capacity in UK
If new clean coal and nuclear capacity provides 12 - 16 GW of base load the practical upper limit of wind power without new storage appears to be about 10 GW. Presentation given at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London on 24 January 2006
Added 2006-03-06

» Greening the Sahara
5000 years ago the area now called the Sahara Desert was still green and verdant. Climate change has dried it out within recent history. Desalination of seawater using renewable energy can restore life and create wealth and natural diversity to this wasteland
Added 2006-02-22

» Electrolysis for Energy Storage & Grid Balancing in West Denmark
Report of study sponsored by the Danish Energy Agency and Norsk Hydro Electrolysers
Added 2006-01-12

» CO2 Based EOR Projects – Potential, Difficulties and Opportunities
Presentation delivered by Hugh Sharman at the OPEC CO2 Work Shop in Vienna in June 2004
Added 2006-01-12

» A CO2 Infrastructure for the North Sea
A co-authored update in January 2003 on the proposal to build a transport system for taking industrial CO2 from Norway, Denmark and UK to North Sea oilfields where it will be injected to enhance oil recovery
Added 2006-01-11

» Why UK wind power should not exceed 10 GW
Paper published in November issue of the Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers describing the upper limits of building wind generation in the UK
Added 2006-01-11

» How Wind Works in Denmark
Paper published in the August, 2005, issue of the Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers, describing how the Danish system can tolerate the highest wind intensity in the World
Added 2006-01-11

» What Can 1000 MW of Battery Storage do for UK
The case for electricity storage in UK
Added 2006-01-11

» The Case for Distributed Storage in Ireland
Distributed Storage in Ireland
Added 2006-01-11